Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Posting No. 51 - It Arrived!

I received the following email from Kevin on Monday, June 11th:

"Grandpa Sam's just arrived here tonight and I just finished unpacking it! I am happy to report no borken pieces!!!! It must have had a slight jar or two to the rear of the structure as both the stairs off of the rear porch and the cellar doors were loose, but undamaged! Wonderful job packing and the instructions were VERY helpful! My wife and I are so impressed with the quality of workmanship and the way it looks. It reminds me very much of my grandfather's farmhouse. The extra details you added are going to be perfect sitting on the front porch! And even a 12 volt power supply! YOu are too much my friend!"

That is great news!  Once Kevin provides pictures of Grandpa Sam's place on his layout I'll post them here (with his permission).

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