Sunday, March 10, 2013

Posting No. 54 - More Pictures from Kevin

Kevin has been busy on his layout and has added some beautiful landscaping around Grandpa Sam's place.  He recently made a post to the Model Railroad Hobbyist site - go to Page 2 on the thread.

I asked him if I could post his latest pictures to this blog and he said "Sure!"

Man, what beautiful detail!  Thanks, Kevin

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Posting No. 53 - Patience Rewarded!

I got an email last night from Kevin with attachments - yes, pictures of Grandpa Sam's place on his layout.  Here are some excerps from his email:

Hey buddy!

Remember me? LOL  Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you, but like you said, "life happens". Things have been crazy and I had hoped to get the total scene completed, but this should give you and the followers of your construction blog a general idea of where and how Grandpa Sam's Place will be on the layout. To the rear I plan to model a barn/out building type of structure. In one of the pics, you can see a hint of the Wolf River which sweeps through a narrow gorge bordering Sam's property. Lots more to do before I give a full reveal of that though! :)

Once again, I can't thank you enough for the awesome job on this structure! IT is going to be a highlight for sure! I have a thank you I'm working on you will be receiving in the not too distant future. With your permission I was going to put a small teaser on MRH forums to head to your construction blog for the rest of these pictures. Kevin.

All I can say is WOW!  Kevin has done his usual wonderful job and I love what he's done!  Click on any picture for a larger view of all pictures

Thanks, Kevin for the pictures and the opportunity to be a small part of your awesome layout!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Posting No. 52 - Patience!

I got an email from Kevin today.  He wanted to reassure me that he hadn't forgotten about pictures, but that his life is very busy at the moment.  That's just like Mr. Murphy - when you're anxious to get something done he throws a bunch of "life" at you!

Thank you Kevin my friend for the update.  We will just be patient and look forward to your pictures!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Posting No. 51 - It Arrived!

I received the following email from Kevin on Monday, June 11th:

"Grandpa Sam's just arrived here tonight and I just finished unpacking it! I am happy to report no borken pieces!!!! It must have had a slight jar or two to the rear of the structure as both the stairs off of the rear porch and the cellar doors were loose, but undamaged! Wonderful job packing and the instructions were VERY helpful! My wife and I are so impressed with the quality of workmanship and the way it looks. It reminds me very much of my grandfather's farmhouse. The extra details you added are going to be perfect sitting on the front porch! And even a 12 volt power supply! YOu are too much my friend!"

That is great news!  Once Kevin provides pictures of Grandpa Sam's place on his layout I'll post them here (with his permission).

Friday, June 8, 2012

Posting No. 50 - Christmas in June

Well, the package is on the way to Kevin and is scheduled to arrive Monday, June 11. I only wish I was there to see Kevin open and unpack Grandpa Sam's place! I've had such fun doing the project and communicating with Kevin during the build. I've learned a great deal from the build which I will use in future projects. Kevin has been busy preparing a place for the structure on his layout and I can't wait to see it installed! With Kevin's permission I'm going to post his pictures here. I feel like a kid at Christmas waiting to see those pictures!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Posting No. 49 - I'm boxing!

No, not that kind of boxing! - I'm boxing up the structure for shipment.  I start by using an oversize box and lining the bottom and sides with 2" foam board.  I hot glued the foam board together to make it stronger.  I want this box "armored" to withstand harsh handling.

I've added toothpicks in the bottom piece of foam spaced to the inside 4 corners of the structure to hold it in place.  The cutout is for the wire used for the interior lighting.

Here's the structure set in place on the bottom over the alignment toothpicks.

Now I'll need to hold the structure down gently while also allowing space above it to allow for any crushing of the box.  Here is the foam rubber that I'll use and some small dowel rods.

I cut pieces of the foam rubber to go over the roof peaks and then I cut the dowels to length to allow them to fit in the side walls.  Next I set the foam rubber pieces on the roof peaks and insert the dowels to bow slightly to apply gentle pressure on the foam.  I hot glue everything in place so that it won't shift during shipment.  I still have plenty of clearance above the structure that will be empty.

It's important that the dowels be removed gently so as to not damage the structure.  I add tape with instructions to cut the dowels out with wire cutters.

With the structure firmly in place I add the accessory pack by putting a dab of hot glue on it and gluing it to the bottom piece of foam.

Next I secure the lighting transformer.  If this bad boy got loose and rattled around it the box it could do a great deal of damage.  I insert it in a Ziploc bag and hot glue the bag to the bottom and sides of the container.  I also add dowels to add extra protection just in case the bag comes loose.

I don't want the top of those dowels coming loose so a add a corner foam reinforcement hot glued in place.

I want to make sure that the top of the box is "cave-in proof" so I add a 1" x 2" piece of wood reinforcement set into the foam sides.

Now I need something sturdy for the top insert piece so I use some double thickness cardboard.

Here I've cut it to size and inserted it into the top of the box.  I don't have pictures of the next steps, but I tape a Ziploc back the the inside top piece with unpacking instructions, the kit instructions, and a letter to Kevin.  I seal the whole thing up and put Kevin's address on it. 

Man, I never thought it would take so much to pack this, but I want to make sure that it arrives undamaged.  The delivery people would have to drop it from an airplane or run over it with the truck to mess this up!

Kevin, I'll email you with the shipping information!  I'm hoping to have a future posting showing Grandpa's place on Kevin's layout once installed.  Thanks for watching!

Post No. 48 - The Great Outdoors!

With the house completed I wanted some outdoor shots.  I did some quick & dirty just to have something to remember the structure by since it's off to Kevins!

The background is from an area about 4 miles from my house that is a horse farm.  It was a nice cloudy day which actually makes shooting better not dealing with shadows.

Next steps: Packing and shipping!